Term And Conditions


1.Associate must be 18 years old to join this business.

2. A Member has to submit one of ID Proof (Ration Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter Card) plus one Photo and One
residence proof to join this business. Failing that the Membership may be cancelled.
3. Astrosanjog shall make no refund of any kind.

4. One joining left and one right is mandatory requirement to get the benefits of binary. No any member is authorized to sell
different plan/product until approved by the Company.

Astrosanjog reserves its right to amend rules and regulations.

6. Astrosanjog membership business can not be refunded. It can be transfer (Change of Name) with mutual understanding
by both parties with an agreement on affidavit of Rs.100/-.

7. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between a member and Astrosanjog and no other promises
representation, guarantees or agreement of any kind shall be valid unless given in writing.

The resigned /terminated Member lies solely with the discretion of the Company.
Astrosanjog can change the incentive structure without prior notice.

10. Jurisdiction in respect of any or all dispute/ arising out of in relation to this agreement shall vest exclusively in the court
of SBS Nagar (PB) jurisdiction. All payments should be accepted in the form of Online Fund transfer/DD payable at Nawanshahr

11. The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the company and all claims disputes and other matters between parties of
this agreement shall be brought to the appropriate court of law SBS Nagar (PB) India.

12. For all purposes, only the English version will be taken as official copy. No printed materials by the Members are
allowed to circulate without the written approval of Astrosanjog otherwise his/her membership could be terminated.
13. The company shall deduct tax at source (TDS) from the incentives as per rates prescribed under the
Income Tax Act 1961.

14. Total deduction from the Member's (PAN Holder)payout is 15%. TDS @ 10% plus Admin Charges @ 5% and (NON
PAN Holder) 25%.

15. Any Member, who has done any act contrary to the rules and regulation of the company would be removed without any
notice to him and appropriate action would be taken against him as per criminal and civil laws.
Franchisee master of his specific location will manage and implement all the terms and conditions issued by the
17. Incentive payout will be issued within 5 working days of closing.

18 Joined associate is a heartily part of Astrosanjog and found in any other network company will be TERMINATED
without any notice.

19. Upline who will not take the initiative or not show the interest in his/her downline OR any written complaint received
from any downline against the upline, the Astrosanjog has all rights to TERMINATE the upline who has direct sponsor.

Certified that above instructions have been read out by me/suggested by sponsor in my language before signing it.